5 July 2022

THE GREEK SHIPPING PODCAST | 7th Episode | Mr. George A. Tsavliris

THE GREEK SHIPPING PODCAST | 7th Episode | Mr. George A. Tsavliris

Mr. George A. Tsavliris was born in London. He graduated from Athens College in 1968 and having acquired professional qualifications in Shipping (F.I.C.S., ACI.Arb), he concluded his graduate and post graduate studies in Shipping Law at University College London in 1973. He familiarized himself with the shipping and salvage sectors from a very early age by being engaged in the family business. Mr. George Tsavliris is a Principal at “Tsavliris Salvage Group” and represents the business on both a commercial and environmental basis internationally. Mr George Tsavliris was awarded the 2016 Capital Link Greek Shipping Leadership Award, in recognition of his unique and extensive contribution to Shipping and Greece and for his overall outstanding service to the shipping industry made by him individually, as a family and by his company as a Group. In Jan 2019, Mr Tsavliris received the Cyprus Environmental Award on behalf of CYMEPA by the President of the Cypriot Republic Mr Nikos Anastasiades and on March 12th, 2019, Mr Tsavliris was recognized with the Safety4Sea Leadership Award 2019 for his work with CYMEPA and other national & international organizations, toward the protection of 1st, the marine environment.
Mr. Tsavliris, in this interview he gave us last November, talks about the complexity of the Ship Salvage Industry, the project Adopt a Ship, the courage and strength one needs, in order to deal with shipping and most importantly he shares with us life philosophies through personal experiences in shipping industry. Enjoy listening!

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