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New era for HRG Greece. Kyvernitis Group a licensee of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT).

On December 2017, Kyvernitis S.A. acquired HRG Greece S.A.

As per the completion of the global migration of HRG into GBT global network, we are delighted to announce you that Kyvernitis Group of Leading travel companies is an independently owned and operated entity, which from now on is a licensee of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT).



We are proud to belong to a modern and welcoming travel network which reinforces the culture of putting the customer first and activates the brand values of service, trust and security. American Express Global Business Travel operates one of the world’s largest travel agency networks with a presence in nearly 140 countries worldwide.

American Express GBT will benefit from this partnership with Kyvernitis Group as it will gain an extensive knowledge of providing travel services to the local businesses in Greece. The Meetings & Events, the Crew Travel and the Business Travel departments of Kyvernitis Group, serves for the past 45 years a vast portfolio of corporate customers in Greece. Our deep knowledge of travel services has turned Kyvernitis Group into a reliable partner of more than 400 corporate customers based in Greece.


We would like to enlighten you more on the great advantages that Kyvernitis Group customers will get from our partnership with American Express GBT.

  • Exceptional service & technology to corporate customers through a combination of industry-leading technology & travel management consulting. Each year, the American Express GBT Product & Technology strategy is updated to align with changes in the business and industry and we will be ready soon to introduce you to our latest technologies for the travel industry.
  • Added value of being part of a Travel Partner Network which protects and benefits our customers in nearly 140 countries.
  • Strong Compliance Program through GBT’s internal policies, programs and controls, we hold ourselves accountable for adhering to the laws, regulations and industry best practices that govern our world. Our customers can be sure that their travelers, their reputations and their information is safe with us.  The five compliance areas covered in the GBT Compliance Program are:
Anti-Corruption | Cybersecurity | Privacy | Sanctions | Third-Party Oversight

Questions and Answers

Q1. What exactly does it mean to be a licensee of American Express Global Business Travel?
Is Kyvernitis Travel still a privately owned company?

American Express Global Business Travel has wholly owned operations in 26 countries, and joint ventures in 3 countries.  In countries where GBT do not have a wholly owned operation or joint venture, they maintain a fully integrated Travel Partner Network (TPN) comprised of leading local agencies. Kyvernitis Group is an independently owned and operated entity and is integrated to GBT network as a TPN. The Travel Partner Network is managed by a dedicated team of employees located across GBT regions reporting directly into GBT. The TPN partners are an integral component of GBT service offering – best in class travel agencies that share with GBT the commitment to offer consistently the highest standard of service globally.

Q2. I have a Global contract with HRG PLC. With this announcement what changes for our organization?

There will be only two (2) changes:

  1. The new logo will apply in all forms of communication (from HRG Greece logo you will see the new cobrand Kyvernitis and American Express GBT logo)
  2. All HRG email domains from will be replaced to domains

Q3. What changes in terms of 1. Operation 2. Financial agreements and 3. Reporting?

  1. Operationally there will be no change. Your dedicated operational teams remain the same.
  2. Financially there will be no change. You will still have the same terms of agreement based on your global contract.
    There will be no changes to the invoice information (agency name, VAT number etc.), only the logo will be changed (from the HRG Greece logo to the new cobrand Kyvernitis and American Express GBT logo).
  3. Please note that we are connected with American Express GBT platforms and your reporting process remains the same.
In sum, business runs as usual and you will continue to get the best services from your dedicated team of travel designers/ operators.

Feel free to contact our team if you need any further information.
Contact person for Sales: Mrs. Niki Romana | n.romana@kyvernitis .gr | T: +30 210 9223300 Ext 4821
Contact person for Marketing: Mrs. Nota Damala | | T: +30 210 9001207

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