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Meteora and Pyli Join the UNESCO Geoparks Network (GGN)

This week, we’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone: Meteora and Pyli have now officially joined the UNESCO Geoparks Network (GGN). This not only marks a prestigious moment for the Region of Thessaly but also adds a shining star to Greece’s collection, showcasing our country’s vast geological and cultural wealth to the entire world.

A World of Wonders: The Meteora-Pyli Geopark

Encompassing an area of over 2,409.5 square kilometers within the breathtaking Pindos mountain range, the Meteora-Pyli Geopark presents the awe-inspiring Meteora rock formations and monasteries. These iconic landmarks, recognized globally as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, now find a new layer of protection and recognition. The geopark is a gateway to exploring geological marvels, captivating landscapes, and a diverse array of plant and animal life.

In Prestigious Company: Greece’s UNESCO Geoparks

Meteora and Pyli’s inclusion brings them into the fold of esteemed Greek geoparks, such as Chelmos – Vouraikos and Vikos – Aoos, highlighting their unparalleled geological features and their contributions to our shared heritage. This distinction places them among the world’s most significant natural sites, underscoring their importance in local and global contexts.

A Global Commitment: The UNESCO Global Geoparks Network

Joining the UNESCO Global Geoparks network, which now includes 213 geoparks across 48 countries, symbolizes a global pledge towards preserving our natural wonders and fostering sustainable growth. The addition of Meteora and Pyli emphasizes the vital role geological sites play in our history and the sustainable development of our future.

Explore and Preserve: A Call to Action

We invite all explorers, nature enthusiasts, and cultural aficionados to experience the timeless beauty of Meteora and Pyli. Engaging in sustainable tourism practices, we can help protect these magnificent landscapes for future admiration and inspiration.

A Legacy of Natural Beauty and Cultural Richness

Standing as beacons of natural splendor and cultural depth, Meteora and Pyli’s acknowledgment as UNESCO Geoparks doesn’t just celebrate their past. It promises a future where conservation and development walk hand in hand, inviting us all to partake in the legacy of these extraordinary geoparks, where every stone has a story of Earth’s splendor and our connection to this planet.

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